Kuramoto model – An inspiration for org culture

I stumbled across the above video, it was so nice to see the metronomes eventually syncing with each other when the platform was not rigidly grounded. I could not stop thinking about the parallels in organisational culture when a previously organically grown company wants to scale up quickly.

When I interact with lateral hires in different organisations most of them have one common jitter in their mind is how they are going to gel well in a new place especially the ones which are growing fast. A lot of places have rigid mindset from existing people about new ideas from new people even though they were newbies once. This mindset is a killer to absorb new experiences, ways of doing into the culture and have will set a cold, rigid foundation. It will eventually lead to many factions who will align based on their line of thoughts instead of a coherent organisation.

How can we have the kuramoto model kind of an effect in an organisation. We do not have to do anything extra, all we need to is have our existing people in the organisation avoid this killer statement – “This is not how things are done here”. If we avoid saying this, then there is an inherent curiosity to see what new comers bring to the table and also set a mindset to accept proven things in existing organisations.

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