My interests are around improving efficiency and increasing effectiveness in every task I do. I was fortunate enough to spend as a Business Analyst, Quality Analyst, CMS administrator, Developer, Trainer & Coach. This has provided me good insights into each of the roles and has enabled me to understand and help improve the process in each discipline. I have been associated with DSRC, Sapient, Recruiterbox, ThoughtWorks. I have also worked as an advisor to early stage startups and have run trainings as a freelancer.

I build teams which build systems, which in turn creates working software in a predictable frequency, this involves coaching people on both process as well as technical areas of software development. Teams have to be seeded well before they go on to build software, most of software development is not a technical problem but a communication problem to be solved in a technical space, which can be solved only with a solid team with sound tech knowhow and strong processes. I am a fan of systems thinking and try to incorporate into problem solving for long term impacts.

I am like a trim tab, I like to turn things around with seemingly simple efforts. I like to share what I learnt and believe that a group’s skill level grows manifold when knowledge is shared. I share my knowledge through sessions, blogs and forums.

Apart from programming I enjoy playing electronic keyboard, when time permits I get professional help on music. I also enjoy cooking and growing plants which teaches me a lot of things every day. As part of giving something back, I support giving education to girl children.

Live in the present and shape the future.

– Subramanya Bharathi

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  1. Hi Vinod,
    I somehow came onto your site and to be honest quite like it.
    Simple, clear thoughts explained in few but enough words.
    Very nice!


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