Negative compounding and time probability

I was reading Nassim Taleb’s works and one of the writings that stuck to my mind was how seemingly harmless things can add up and cause great distress over a period of time.

There are lots of activities that does not have any significance if done in isolation but when done repeatedly or multiple times over a period of time it ends up creating a profound problem. One such he states is smoking a Cigarette. The risk of smoking just one cigarette will not even have any noticeable effect on the body, but it is a well known fact that years of smoking will eventually lead to bad health compared to non smokers.

In the current knowledge world it applies to our habits at workplaces as well. The risk due to procrastinating a whole day and not learning anything new in a day is almost zero, in fact it can happen for a few months without much effect on one’s ability that is how we take vacations; but there will come a time when we will be left out of the crowd if that procrastination prolongs.

Simple things we do or don’t do in a day can cause a lot of harm in the long run.

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