As a company we decided to write only….

You have a business which needs apps running on iOS and android; which one is easy, building native apps or hybrid ones?

If you are the one who right away answers either native or hybrid without asking what are the considerations for the apps then you are setup for failure or great hardship. There is no blanket right approach to build apps that look similar and works similarly across the ecosystems.

smartphones-2182838_640Building rich native apps require depth in understanding of the capabilities of the  platform and designing a common experience for the users even though the capabilities of the underlying system might be different. Two separate teams, two different development pace add to the complexity.

On the other hand, building hybrid apps require a great breadth in mobile development. This means the team should have developers who understand iOS and android systems, knowledge of javascript, some experience in trouble shooting applications in iOS and android (may even require java, kotlin or swift exposure for some native code). It is a tall ask, requires a fair deal of experience and knowledge for everyone in the team.

Choose wisely, a blanket approach of one over the other for everything we do is not right and often leads into difficulties. If you say ‘As a company we decided to only hybrid apps’ then you don’t either understand the complexities or have not given enough thought on how to implement.


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