Are we going in circles? We first had a single large computer, then we had multiple terminals connected to it and used it. Later personal computers helped breakaway from large ones and dumb terminals. We were able to work in our computers all day without internet, now computers without internet is like fish without water. People worked in large open floors then cubicles gained popularity and again open plan offices were used; now people are debating whether open plan offices are beneficial or not.


Why do we vacillate? If you have heard or read the “The retrospective prime directive“, the answer lies there. We are dealing with increasingly large systems with a cause and effect so interlinked and having delayed feedback that we will only be able to realize in hindsight. As times change so do the environment and the abilities, so what worked well few years back is questionable for a current situation. So the best is to keep looking for the right fit for the given condition and it is not vacillation, it is just we are getting tuned to current state of the system.

The adjustment to the current state looks like we keep vacillating between the choices, but we are not vacillating. We are just adapting.

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