Spaghetti, Pasta or Sandwich

Between Spaghetti, Pasta and Sandwich which one would you choose if you are writing and maintaining code, how it should be like? Definitely not the spaghetti right? I have come across  spaghetti code and detest it to the core.; but I have also observed that wrong understanding of OO or  TOO (too much object orientation) and obsession with modularization leads to pasta like code. This makes us go through multiple files and sections of code to understand simple functionalities. Cannot we translate most of the software requirements into code like how a well prepared sandwich can be nutritious and filling too?

I don’t have an answer to this question but my readings like Worse is better (talks about less and useful features) make me infer that like every person’s hunger can be satisfied with cost-effective, tasty, nutritious and simple to make food; most of the software requirements should also be delivered with simple to write and maintain code. Aesthetics, modularization and other bells & whistles should not come at a cost.

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